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Mommy and Me Pillows

December 16, 2014

Mom’s night out… always so fun! It is so good to go out with the girls to laugh and chat. It really is so enjoyable to talk to adults! And date night… It’s amazing to go out to dinner alone with my husband and not have to keep telling kids to sit down or have to get up to keep taking kids to the potty. However, back at the house, my oldest daughter is always so sad that I left the house. She sleeps with a picture of me in her bed when I’m gone at bedtime. It’s heartbreaking but also a little funny.

When I saw these photo pillowcase online, I knew it was for us. I had my husband take a picture of me and each of my girls and they are all getting a pillowcase with a picture of them and a big picture of me. It’s a little terrifying to think about but I think they’ll love it. It’s also a little terrifying because I realized that I cropped each of these pictures pretty close, so the picture on the pillow is really big and really close up! Yikes! Yes, I realized that after I ordered them.

Mommy and Me Pillowcases

Mommy and Me Pillowcases

I found a few places that carry it in the case you are in the same boat I am. Maybe I’ll get a few more nights out, out of this gift.

Picture Pillows from Walmart

Picture Pillow from Walgreens

Picture Pillow from Ink Garden

I bought mine from and it came out really amazing. It was even better than I expected and I can’t wait to give it to my girls! They are going to love it, giant mommy on the pillow and all!

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