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Five Creative Ideas for Valentine Cards

February 2, 2015

Will you be my Valentine? Let me count the ways…

I have 5 today!

Every year, around this time, I scour the internet for ideas for valentines that my kids and I can make for grandparents, cousins, friends, classmates, and Daddy. I usually try to find something that doesn’t include candy because somehow, these days, schools frown on that. This year I looked back through different things we’ve done this year and thought of a few new ones.  Which one will you choose?



1. This is one that I did last year for my older one. It was really fun for a magical Valentine’s Day.

Hope your Valentine's Day is magical!

Hope your Valentine’s Day is magical!

I took a picture of her like this…

Picture to make the valentine

Picture to make the valentine

I put the picture into Pages for Mac and you can put text on the picture. I think there are also some apps out there that do that. I printed them. You could print them or have them printed at a drug store or UPS store. I put 2 small slits with a razor blade right where her hands are and inserted the wand.  I bought them at the dollar store in a pack.



2. Another one that is really fun is “the hug” or “I love you this much.”

Hug you Valentine's Day card

Hug you Valentine’s Day card

Open up the arms, and it says, “I love you this much!

I love you this much!

I love you this much!

Take a picture of your child with their arms spread and only get up to their elbows in the picture.

Picture for the Hug you / I love you this much picture.

Picture for the Hug you / I love you this much picture.

Print it out. Trace their hands and their arms up to their elbows. Let them decorate it with a watch or rings and bracelets. This will be the back side. Cut the arms and hands out and attach the arms to the picture where their arms are.  Write on the inside of the arms, “I love you this much.” Fold (cross) the arms over the picture. This may be too labor intensive for a whole class but great for family and grandparents.



3. This makes a very cute card, your child’s face inside a heart balloon. A friend did a very cute valentine with a picture of their child peeking through a heart cut out of a very large piece of pink paper.

Heart balloon "I love you" Valentine

Heart balloon “I love you” Valentine



4. I really love this one. We actually did this for Father’s Day but it could be used for Valentine’s Day. You could also write “I  L  O  V  E  U” on six little feet or “L  O  V E” on four little feet. It’s funny, I spend lots of time telling my kids, ” Only write on paper!” I’m not happy when they write on their hands, but here I am doing it. The old saying, “Do as I say, not as I do!”

I love you Daddy Valentine

I love you Daddy Valentine



5. I’m totally into the sidewalk chalk thing. I think this will be our Valentine’s card to family this year.

I Love You Valentine with sidewalk chalk.

I Love You Valentine with sidewalk chalk.


What Valentine’s projects are you doing this year with your kids? What are you sending to classmates, grandparents and other family members?

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