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Spooky Halloween Graveyard Cake

October 31, 2015

I love the fun things you can do and create for Halloween. Everyone is a kid, even the big kids. Yes, that’s grownups. There are crazy gross looking foods, fun and silly scary desserts, and amazing costumes. My favorite thing that I make every year is a grave yard cake. It is so fun and yummy and the kids love it! I wanted to share it with you! These are so fun to bring to a party! Everyone is so impressed for something so simple. Continue Reading…

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How to Make Petal Dresses

October 22, 2015

Those of you who read this blog regularly know that I like to throw parties. I start by doing lots of research and then narrow down my ideas and then figure out ways to put these ideas into practice. My daughter just recently turned 6. I knew it was going to be hard to top myself from her Fancy Girl Tea Party last year when she turned 5. I do love to throw a good tea party. This year I let my daughter decide on the theme Continue Reading…

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Cooperation Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

May 14, 2015

I have a new behavior plan, and yes, it involves diamonds. I used to use charts for my older one all the time with stickers or checks marks. Let me tell you, it is really hard to keep track of three charts. The last time I tried doing charts, I found one of my twins  standing on a chair making their own check marks, (i.e. scribble scratch) but still. Continue Reading…